Potato Leek Soup

The ultimate Winter comfort soup, packed with healthy garlic and aromatic leeks.

potato leek soup

Potato leek soup may just be one of the most amazing and delicious soups of all time. You have the comfort of the potato with the absolute wellness of leeks and garlic. What’s more, it’s so simple. All I really want in the Winter, because I am not a cold weather girl, is to put a bunch of stuff in a pot, transfer it to a blender, puree and just sip.


My friend bouillon came to this party. You can make this oil-free if you opt not to saute the leeks first. I like to because it deepens and complicates the flavors.bouillion potato leek potato leek


– 1-2 stalks of leeks, depending on your batch size. I always vote double batch. Leeks are very cheap at our farmers market.

– 6-10 medium/large redskin potatoes

– 1-2 garlic cloves, minced

– 2 bouillon cubes

– 8-12 cups of water

– 3 tsp salt

– nooch (optional, for deliciousness)

– almond milk (optional, for desired creaminess)

potato leek


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