Brunch for 12–Veganized.

halloween 2012 brunch fest

So for Halloween 2012 (yes, this post is overdue. I’m sorry) we had 12 people staying in our house. And I tell you, our house is not huge. Copious amounts of alcohol and even more food, amazing Adventure Time drinking game I created and just the god damn best memories. And this brunch, yes. This was the second brunch I procured that weekend; the first one was after my friends got in from a 14 hour car ride and I whipped up some hashbrowns and tofu scramble burritos.

Yeah, I’ll fucking feed you. 

This brunch started days before with the biscuit recipe so it could get nice and cold in the fridge.

2012 brunch fest 3 2012 brunch fest 5

Perfect biscuit dough. Heavenly.

I served my famous french toast with strawberry topping and had sausage gravy (extra fennel seeds) for the biscuits. Smart Balance Light. Hungry people chowing. 2012 brunch fest 2012 brunch fest 1 2012 brunch fest 2 2012 brunch fest 6 2012 brunch fest 7 2012 brunch fest 8 2012 brunch fest 9

My favorite photo of the bunch. I wanted these to be high contrast, like a disposable camera.

And later, when we were eventually hungry again and all full of booze, we had veggie burgers and dogs, my homemade Artichoke Dip Hummus (recipe coming soon), pasta salad, and these gems–stuffed peppers. They have Daiya and Vegan Gourmet. This is how I first tried to cook them, because they got cut wrong (God love my friends…). Want to know what cooking method worked the best on them? Muffin tins in the oven. Dane’s idea, actually!IMG_3362


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