Thanksgiving 2012

acorn closeHow was your Thanksgiving? Seems odd to ask now that we’re officially in December and getting ready for the other holidays! I hope it was full of delicious food and good people. Ours was full of lots of vegetables!

We had: two seitan roasts, two kinds of mashed potatoes/cauliflower (garlic and truffle), stuffed acorn squash, stuffing, homemade gravy, roasted artichokes with hollandaise sauce, homemade cranberry sauce, and crescent rolls. For desserts? The pumpkin toffee salted caramel glaze cookies and pumpkin pie cheesecake. 

Above and below: roasted acorn squash stuffed with quinoa stuffing. Just simple–celery, onions, quinoa, and spices. The sweet of the squash is amazing with the salt and rosemary in the quinoa mix. Next year I will definitely be adding walnuts and cranberries, because oh my god.


The boys helped me a lot, thankfully, because with my arm in a cast there was no way I was going to be able to cut everything and get it all done at the same time for dinner. Which happened. How amazing is that? It was basically orchestrating which dishes to prep for the oven while others cooked longer. But what was really amazing is that the only thing that went wrong was a small dish towel fire. Other than that? Our first all-vegan Thanksgiving we did all by ourselves went off without a hitch. We are unstoppable!

The roasted artichokes were amazing dipped in my homemade hollandaise sauce. I got the recipe here.

IMG_3587IMG_3591This is how the seitan looked before we rubbed it with butter and spices. More photos below! Thanks to Ellen’s chef for the recipe and my mum’s nurse for the recommendation. We made two of these. Wicked, wicked filling.


This is Dane’s absolutely phenomenal pumpkin pie cheesecake. He uses this recipe, and I can tell you it makes a liiiiiittle too much filling, which is amazing to mix into soy yogurt the rest of the week or just eat with a spoon. Like, oh my god. IMG_3585IMG_3593

My first time making stuffing, so I kind of winged it. I couldn’t cut the bread, so I had the boys do it. Technically I should have sauteed the veggies first, but I didn’t know that. This is it pre-vegetable stock and pre-oven. I don’t think it turned out very well, but then again I’ve never liked stuffing. More photos below!IMG_3588

Andddddd cranberry sauce! At the beginning of the cooking. I used two bags of fresh cranberries, one cup of orange juice, and one cup of sugar. Extremely easy. More photos below!

Taken by Brandon Danowski


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