Vegan Thanksgivings! Still need ideas?

Well, it’s only a couple days away–my mum’s favorite holiday! I had my first Thanksgiving three years ago and I am beyond excited, because our menu is HUGE. Also, Dane’s family is flying down from Michigan for it.

Me ready to cook! Except, well, my right wrist is in a cast right now.

The reason I really love Thanksgiving is because everyone gets together. We always did Thanksgiving at my house and Christmas at Grandma & Papa’s. Since my Grandma died we’ve taken to doing both holidays at my house, and this is the first Thanksgiving of my life that I won’t be at my parents’ house for the meal. New traditions, right? I can finally do a FULLY VEGAN holiday.

I’m sure for some of you this is your first vegan Thanksgiving, so whether you’re just making one dish and bringing it to a traditional, animal-infused feast or you’re puling all the stops like me, I’m here to tell you: it’s fun and easy. Thanksgiving is a feast of SIDES! And, of course, a gigantic, dead bird. But we have ways around that 🙂

My Thanksgiving plate last year was pretty lack-luster, though everything TASTED amazing:

This year, however… oh you better believe this year, without my Italian family around to tease and prod, vegan Thanksgiving will truly commence:

  • Ellen’s “Turkey” Roast (we did a test run of this… oh my god, you must make it)
  • roasted root vegetables and brussels (beets, parsnips, carrots)
  • mashed garlic potatoes (with cauliflower)
  • mushroom gravy (Brandon’s dad’s recipe!)
  • stuffing
  • roasted artichokes with hollandaise sauce
  • cranberry sauce from scratch
  • crescent rolls
  • acorn squashed, stuffed (my own recipe)

And for dessert? Dane’s pumpkin cheesecake and an apple tart. Or apple crisp, have not decided yet!

Anyway, there are a ton of resources you can go to for great vegan holiday dishes, even last minute! First, check out my holiday tag, stocked full of my own recipes and tons of others that are healthy, delicious, and totally amazing for everybody.

Olives For Dinner, Vegan Yack Attack, and Healthy Happy Life all have you covered for holiday recipes.

Well, off to do a few final things before Dane’s family gets here! Want to see the Pumpkin Toffee Cookies with Salted Caramel Glaze I made yesterday with the boys’ help? Brandon did all the heavy stirring, thank goodness. Did I mention I broke my wrist in a car accident?

Recipe later! ❤


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