Pho Party!

I got home one night and our housemate, Brian, just wanted to have a big ol’ Asian-inspired soupfest. He started chopping veggies and soaking them in rice vinegar and sugar–got damn they were delicious. We then chopped tofu strips, basil, cilantro, scallions, mushrooms, and limes.

We kept everything separate so everyne could make their own personalized soup, and it. was. the. bomb. All that was left was to cook the ramen!

When it comes to store-bought ramen noodles, you need to be careful–ONLY the noodles in the blue package are vegan. For some reason, all the other noodles have animal products in them, so even if you abstain from using the seasoning packets in the chicken, shrimp, or beef ramens, the noodles themselves are still tainted! Just a little tip.

We used a vegan bouillon cube for convenience purposes. While the ramen cooked, we added all our vegetables to our bowls! The ramen just gets ladled right over it. 🙂

Soup party is a great idea after work with friends. Soup bar? Even better.


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