Zucchini Noodles with “Meaty” Marinara and a Spinach Salad.

Had a long, long, longgggg day at my internship today. Most days are awesome–plenty to do, hours fly by, and of course the work I’m doing is what I want to do for a career, so that’s a huge plus. Today I was done with all my work until after 3 p.m., and I was finished with the new assignment by 3:40. At least I looked really cute though.

To top it all off, there were at least two accidents on every highway I take: GA-400, I-85, and I-20. My 25-mile commute home? It took two hours. I stopped for some chocolate to cheer me up.

It worked more or less, but not as well as a nice mostly-raw vegetable dinner can. Dane and I recently got some new veggie burgers to try out, so we threw them on the grilled and I started shredding the zucchini into ribbons.

Just a simple spinach salad on the side with a vinagrette, or lite Italian if you’re me. Red onion, cucumbers, cranberries, and sunflower seeds? Delicious. Nice and bright.

Using the grilled veggie burgers to make a sort of “meat” sauce worked really well. The boys loved it! It’s fun to cook for other people because it basically gets you motivated. For example, I’ll improvise all day long and not give a fuck how it turns out, but with others I’m feeding I definitely feel the need to do well.

Here’s Brandon munching his greens!

And Dane, my maaaan. Lookit dat face.

Goofs. Happy eating!


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