Smooth and Cheesy Tofu Scramble

I don’t buy vegan cheese a lot, but when I do it’s always Vegan Gourmet from Follow Your Heart. It’s literally always cheaper than Daiya, even when Daiya’s on sale, and while I have no qualms whatsoever with Daiya when restaurants use it (in fact, I’m perfectly psyched when restaurants have it), VG is the clear choice for me. Better texture, melts smoother, fucking delicious.

So, the other weekend Dane and I decided we wanted to actually make breakfast… or maybe I did. Some days I’m totally disinterested in breakfast and have to choke something down before I go to my internship, but on the weekends when we can wake up at nine or ten instead of seven, well, it takes all of five minutes before my stomach is growling.

This is less of a recipe post so much as a technique post. Originally I wanted to try omelets, but to be perfectly honest with you I am not goin

g to attempt ANY tofu eggs or omelets again until I have my Orgre


enic Pan that nothing will stick to without oil. Yes, I’m fucking getting one, and my life will be perfect. Ahem. Anyway.

I know a lot of people who like much smoother scrambled eggs than bits and pieces of all sizes. Personally, I’m cool with either, but hey.


Ugh, I am so in love with cheesy scrambley food. Throw this in a burrito and send me on my way.

First, blend the tofu after pressing it. Still use firm or extra firm, because as I’ve said in the last tofu scramble post, the silken will legitimately disintegrate. Get the tofu into the blender with a little nondairy milk–just enough to get it to the preferred consistency. Not soupy, not solid. I add turmeric, salt, pepper, garlic, and cayenne pepper to the blender as well. Then chop your veggies and get them in the pan with a little oil and minced garlic.

We opted for tomatoes, jalapenos, white onion, and roasted red peppers. Once the onions become translucent, arrange your veggies in a circle in the pan.

Pour the tofu puree over it and just let everything chill on low-medium heat for about five minutes.

You’ll probably need to “paint” the tofu over the veggies, to be honest. It’s kind of fun. You’ll know it’s scrambling time when the edges start looking like this:

Then, scramble as you normally do until it’s no longer gooey! I like to add the cheese last minute or just top it off when it’s on the plate. Another thing I love about tofu scramble? It’s actually awesome to make ahead and leave in the fridge to wrap in the morning, reheat, and run out the door. Real eggs? Not so much.


Tell me your thoughts!

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