Spaghetti and Lentil Balls with Fresh Zucchini


When I got home, I found Dane basically comatose on the couch. Brandon’s dad had him out working all day and he was wicked beat. So cute. He did get a bad sunburn though 😦 Poor thing. Anyway, when I asked if he’d eaten that day he said no. When I asked if he wanted something quick or a meal, he said both. Somehow that registered as this… probably because I’d been planning on making it this week!

The zucchini was Dane’s idea. A great one, I say. Now, this recipe was adapted from Live.Learn.Love.Eat.–you may recall I have often posted about it on Tumblr. I made it totally oil-free because Brandon’s dad cannot have any oil. To do this, I just used raw onions and put the minced garlic raw into the mixture as well. Instead of breadcrumbs, I used crushed up oil-free pretzel thins.


I have to say, honestly, that I like my normal recipe much better. It’s not that it was that different… it’s just the pretzels are so salty. And I LOVE salt. It was a mixture of the extra salt with my not crushing them up enough. Then again, maybe I’m being picky because the boys loved them and they’re all gone.


Stay vegan!


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