Our Garden is Sprouting!

I absolutely did NOT expect for them to sprout so quickly! It must be because of all that fantastic compost we put down below the soil layer. The boys have been composting for like a year and a half and we had tons of the great, dark stuff. That and I’ve been making sure to keep the beds nice and wet so the Georgia heat and sun doesn’t wither them. It’s been rainy the past couple days, so I’m sure that helped!

The indoor basil has been shooting up. This is from last Friday, they’re almost twice the size now:

But here’s the rest! Even the outdoor basil is sprouting and I didn’t think it would at all!

The Brussels were how I realized everything was starting to sprout so fast–look at them!

Radish sprouts!

This is right where the jalapenos were, so either this is how they’re sprouting or the cucumbers have HUGE roots!

Cucumber hill! There are three and this one is sprouting the most.

The young outdoor basil in its turtle planter 🙂

The only ones I don’t see sprouting are the tomatoes and the spinach, which I’m worried about 😦 Truthfully, it did say to plant the tomatoes indoor at first and we didn’t, so they may just need more time… or we’ve screwed them up…


Tell me your thoughts!

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