Boycott Palm Oil Giveaway!

I want this to be overwith! I have all these delicious goodies to give away!
But to enter and win, you NEED to sign the petition to get  CLIF & Company to boycott palm oil .

Alright guys, let’s approach CLIF with this. At 2,000 signatures, someone is going to win all these excellent vegan goods.

My petition to get CLIF & Company to boycott palm oil successfully reached the 700 mark due to my last giveaway, and I’ll say it again,IF I HAVE TO GIVE YOU SNACKS TO SAVE THE WORLD, BY GOLLY I WILL GIVE YOU SNACKS.

I tried to keep it as unisex as possible, but hey—I am a girl. Here’s what the lucky person who helps me save the world will get:

  • An EcoTools Brush Set
  • 30 mini PB&J Larabars
  • Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm (totally awesome and not at all “girly”)
  • 1-2-3 Gluten-Free Yellow Cake Mix
  • Dorset Cereals Cranberry, Cherry, & Almond Muesli
  • Valor Dark Chocolate Bar with Almonds
  • KOALACORE Clothing Accessory Pack, generously donated by my good friend Ricky Sanchez. 10% of their company profit goes to the ASPCA! #weareallanimals
And then a few little odds n’ ends from me as well :)As of VegWorcester’s VegFest, I’ve added MORE stuff to this giveaway! And a few Trader Joe’s goodies. Stickers, buttons, and veg/animal info packets galore! Don’t worry—I’m only putting in the best pamphlets.

All of this could be yours! Enter below–you can come back every day for points! But remember, no one’s going to win until the petition is done! Have you signed and entered yet?? Spread it around, let’s get to the 2,000 goal!

This is a Rafflecopter giveaway, so here’s what you must do: Because Tumblr is too lame to support the widget’s HTML and this is a free WordPress,

go here to enter the giveaway. You can go back every day to get points.

Again, go here to enter the giveaway.



Tell me your thoughts!

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