Vegan Sex Questions, from a good friend of mine.

“BABYGIRL. I need your help. You can totally publish this, but please remove my name from it. I just don’t want people (besides you) up in my business. I figure, since you have a female body, and I have a female body, and we are involved with male-bodied people, you might be able to help me! I’ve been vegan for around ten months. About five or six months in, I noticed a drastic decline in my sexual appetite. I miss sex, I miss wanting sex and I REALLY miss how good sex used to be for me. I’ve tried looking into various things, hoping so strongly that the negative sexual consequences I was enduring were due do -anything- but my diet. However, I’m pretty positive that there’s either something I’m missing or thinking/feeling that has upset my boingroins. If I may, have you experienced anything similar with your sexual life/desire/experience? I’m a vegan and I want great sex again. Help me?”

Alright girl, I’m happy to try and tackle this problem with you. This is actually the first time I personally have heard of this issue in vegans—what with that stupid, fucking ridiculous, absolutely horrendous PETA “BWVAKTBOOM” bullshit and personal stories from my readers on here, the general side effect of going vegan regarding sex has been “Yes, more.” I can tell you personally that my boyfriend and I, both vegans, have not experienced any decline in sex drive whatsoever.

From what I understand of the increased sex drive of going veg is that it’s due to the increase of globulin levels.

Of course, everyone’s different. One thing I’ll recommend right away is adding maca to your diet, along with these other herbs if you can find them//have the resources. Maca is a known sex stimulant and has like a million other health benefits—you can put it in smoothies and juices. (I don’t use it, but that’s because I’m poor. Someday I’d like to keep it in the house.)

There are several things that could be at play here. If you have high levels of stress in your life right now or if you have in the past six months, you may be getting pretty low in your testosterone levels. I say this because cortisol is testosterone’s big natural enemy—a stress hormone. Even if you eat a LOT of soy (which has phytoestrogens, not estrogen), I just want to say that’s not the issue (though, you shouldn’t eat a LOT of any one thing. Balance and diversity in the diet is key!). A few things you can do to try and boost your T-levels are to lift heavy stuff (resistance training is a big one), sprint, get PLENTY of sleep EVERY night, take a yoga class to help with stress, and get plenty of vitamin D and zinc. It’s also been shown that saturated and monounsaturated fat intake has created positive increase of T-production, so try including coconut oils into your smoothies or cooking for the saturated fat, or even eat raw fresh coconut—hell, go get an ice cream maker and make coconut milk ice cream like I did for my boyfriend’s birthday. For the monounsaturated fat, try snacking on nuts more often.

Also, AVOID high-glycemic index carbs, because glucose spikes have also been shown to decrease testosterone. That means no white breads, pastas, rices. Try quinoa, buckwheat pastas, and flax tortillas/bread instead.

Did you know that apparently your testosterone levels drop after one week of sexual inactivity? You should try to have sex at LEAST once a week, and in the morning could help too.

But, it could also not be physical either. While a vitamin deficiency, like zinc, vitamin C or D, magnesium, or B6 could be the culprit, it also could me psychological. How long have you been with your boyfriend? Do you live together? If not, how often do you get to see each other? If you’ve been with him a LONG time, is there any possibility you may have become uninterested in the routine and need to try something new? Sex is wicked complicated, vegan or not, and I think what you really need to do right now is talk to two people: your OBGYN, and your man. Sex can and WILL be good again, we just have to get your body and mind checked out and you’ll be good to go.

sourcesMark’s Daily AppleLivestrong


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