Strawberry Mug Cake from TheSweetestVegan!

After a dinner of mashed cauliflower and lentil loaf, we definitely needed something sweet to finish off the night. I didn’t feel like turning the oven back on (I also feel guilty when I use it twice in one night 😦 Because of energy waste), so I Googled mug cake recipes. I want to personally thank The Sweetest Vegan on YouTube for this recipe, because it was excellent! I had to cook them longer, but that’s okay. About 2 minutes did the trick 🙂

I replaced about half the sugar with Truvia and I have to say I goddamn loved it. I also used applesauce instead of coconut oil to make these oil free, and oh my god, so soft and yummy. Perfect texture. I’ll bet the coconut oil would be delicious though–I only omitted it because my housemate is as oil-free as possible, and I need to practice my oil-free cooking and baking for when his dad visits this week!

Using the applesauce instead of coconut oil makes this nut-free! For you gluten-free folks, simply use a gluten-free flour instead. I suggest teff, or almond!

**for individual servings, break this down into quarters–the above recipe made seven small mugfulls. For full-size mugs, use three ice cream scoops of batter instead of two.

**this simple recipe would also make delicious regular cupcakes ready for frosting, so if you’re ready for a full 24-cupcake recipe, just triple the recipe, using about a scoop and a half for each tin.


3 thoughts on “Strawberry Mug Cake from TheSweetestVegan!

  1. Cheesecakes will often crack when they are cooling…Use a larger pan with a little water in it and place your cheesecake in the water bath to bake and this will keep your cheesecake from cracking!..

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